Ludacris uses discount vouchers on dates.

The US rapper likes a bargain and isn't afraid to show his thrifty side when he is taking a girl out for a romantic evening.

He admitted: ''I think I've used vouchers for the movies or some s**t on a date. That would have been a long time ago though.''

The 'How Low' hitmaker also admitted he regularly has conversations with his pet dog - in multiple languages.

He said: ''I have a black Belgian malinois, which is in the German shepherd family and I talk to him a lot.

''He's very well trained. All of his commands are in a different language. I can't tell you what they are though, otherwise people would know what language I talk to my dog in.''

Ludacris is a regular churchgoer but admits he sometimes gets carried away in the moment.

Asked if he has ever felt like Jesus, he told FHM magazine: ''Yes, I've had those moments. You go to church and people say Jesus is really you and Jesus is inside each and every one of us, that's when I was like, 'You know what, maybe I am Jesus.''