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Ludacris Can't Give Up His First Car

29th May 2013

Ludacris still drives around in the very first car he bought, a 1993 Acura Legend, because it reminds him of what he has achieved.The rapper/actor has amassed an impressive car collection over the years but...

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What Is It About Fast & Furious Six That Makes Us See It Again And Again?

By Victoria Pavlova | 26th May 2013

Throughout the surprisingly long life of Fast & Furious, we’ve come to think of the franchise as something of a joke. Macho men and beautiful women revving up engines and performing absurd stunts, with barely...

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The Things They Say: 3686385

24th May 2013

"We both do a lot of charity in Atlanta, Georgia so we hooked up in that way and we work together a lot. She's always tunked up (caffeinated). She has a lot of energy." Rapper/actor...

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Fast And Furious 6 Is Released Today, And It Might Be The Best One Yet!

By Joe Wilde | 24th May 2013

Fast and Furious 6 gets it's U.S. release today and whilst many are scratching their heads at how the franchise ever managed to get to six films, critics and audiences alike are in agreement with...

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London Lover Ludacris

13th May 2013

Ludacris loves London.The American rapper and actor spent a lot of time in the UK capital while filming Hollywood blockbuster 'Fast & Furious 6' last year and was lucky enough to enjoy the atmosphere of...

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Ludacris Urinated On Paul Walker's Plant

10th May 2013

Ludacris urinated on Paul Walker's ''lucky plant'' during filming of 'Fast & Furious 6'.The rapper-and-actor insists it was a prank-filled set on the car feature and he and Tyrese Gibson were determined to outdo each...

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Fascinating Fact: 3606369

15th April 2013

Ludacris and Jason Aldean became the latest rap/country odd couple when they teamed up for a gig at the University of Georgia's Sanford Stadium on Saturday (13Apr13). The gig was the first ever staged at...

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Ludacris Loves Bargains

11th March 2013

Ludacris uses discount vouchers on dates.The US rapper likes a bargain and isn't afraid to show his thrifty side when he is taking a girl out for a romantic evening.He admitted: ''I think I've used...

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Hip-hop Legends Come Out For Jermaine Dupri's Label Anniversary

25th February 2013

Jay Z, Usher, Ludacris and Mariah Carey all took the stage at a special concert to mark the 20th anniversary of Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Recordings on Saturday night (23Feb13).The producer's most famous collaborators...

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Fast & Furious 6 Trailer Gives Us Action, Action, Action (Video)

By Jack de Aguilar | 4th February 2013

A new trailer for Fast & Furious 6 debuted during the much-coveted Superbowl advert space, and it didn't disappoint in terms of pure, adrenaline fuelled stunt-centric entertainment.Justin Lin's blockbuster franchise enters its 6th instalment on...

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Ludacris Fires Back At Label's Trademark Lawsuit

6th December 2012

Hip-hop star Ludacris has filed a countersuit in his ongoing legal battle over the name of his Disturbing tha Peace record label in a bid to shut down a rival firm.Demetri Brown and Donna Evans-Brown...

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Ludacris Hit With Trademark Lawsuit

3rd October 2012

Rapper Ludacris has been hit with a new trademark lawsuit.Demetri Brown and Donna Evans-Brown have accused the star of filing papers last year (Mar11) and trying to dupe lawmakers into believing they renamed their audio/visual...

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Chris Brown Pals With Lewis Hamilton

27th September 2012

Chris Brown is close friends with Nicole Scherzinger's boyfriend Lewis Hamilton.The R'n'B singer has laughed off reports he hooked up with the gorgeous 'X Factor' UK judge in a Los Angeles club on Tuesday night...

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Dr Dre Named Hip-hop's Highest Earner

6th September 2012

Dr. Dre has been named hip-hop's highest earner.The rap mogul may still not have released his long-awaited 'Detox' album but he made an estimated $110 million last year, largely thanks to his Beats by Dr....

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Ludacris Raises $30,000 For Charity

3rd September 2012

Rapper Ludacris raised $30,000 (£18,750) for good causes on Sunday (02Sep12) by staging his annual charity basketball game.The star led a team at the annual LudaDay Celebrity Basketball Game in Atlanta, Georgia, while actor Kevin...

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The Things They Tweet 3057

17th August 2012

"Chicken & Beer Restaurant Coming To Atlanta Hartsfield Airport Concourse D In 2013!!!" Rapper Ludacris sets a launch date for his new culinary venture, which is named after his 2003 album Chicken-n-Beer.

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Rihanna Met Chris Brown In Private For Four Hours

25th July 2012

Rihanna and Chris Brown spent four hours alone together on her yacht yesterday (24.07.12) after he turned up at 4am.The former couple allegedly locked themselves away in her cabin after spending the previous evening together...

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Chris Brown Rocking Rihanna's Boat In French Riviera

24th July 2012

The rumors have been circulating all week. Could Chris Brown and Rihanna possibly be reigniting their relationship on-board the latter's luxury yacht in the French Riviera? Though it's unclear whether the pair are giving their...

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Chris Brown Joins Rihanna On Yacht Break

24th July 2012

Rihanna has reportedly been joined on holiday by her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.The 24-year-old singer spent an evening with Chris Brown after they met in the South of France.Chris, who was given community service for assaulting...

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Rihanna And Chris Brown: Are They Hooking Up In St. Tropez?

23rd July 2012

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown forging ahead with their apparent reconciliation? Some eagle-eyed onlookers have been reading between the lines of the pair's Twitter feeds and surmising that yes, they most certainly are. It seems...

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Fascinating Fact 13791

18th July 2012

Hip-hop superproducer Timbaland is following his rap peers Pharrell Williams, Ludacris and DR. Dre into the alcohol business - he's launching his own beverage, Le Sutra Sparkling Liqueur.

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Ludacris' Progressive Album

29th June 2012

Ludacris' 8th album is a ''progression'' on his previous work.The Atlanta-based rapper will soon release his new LP 'Ludaversal', and hopes fans of his unique style of rapping will see a new side to him.He...

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Pharrell Williams: Conor Maynard The Future Of Pop

29th June 2012

Pharrell Williams told Conor Maynard he is going to ''change the future of pop music.''The 'Can't Say No' singer was honoured to work N*E*R*D producer Pharrell on his debut album, and couldn't believe how much...

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Justin Bieber Secures Biggest Selling Debut Of 2012

27th June 2012

Justin Bieber has notched up the biggest opening week sales of the year, shifting 374,000 copies of his latest album 'Believe' in its first week of sales, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The record will comfortably...

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Ludacris Takes Girlfriend To Strip Club

15th June 2012

Rapper Ludacris flashed his cash at a strip club by spending $10,000 (£6,250) on exotic dancers - as his girlfriend watched.The Area Codes hitmaker took a backpack full of dollars to a party for producer...

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2 Chainz Arrested In New York For Brass Knuckles

23rd May 2012

2 Chainz, the American rapper and Kanye West prodigy, was arrested in LaGuardia Airport in New York on Tuesday (May 22, 2012) after cops said he was carrying brass knuckles in his carry bag.According to...

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Ludacris Presents Obama With Customised Headphones

20th March 2012

Rapper Ludacris has gifted U.S. President Barack Obama with a customised set of headphones from his own electronics line.The Area Codes hitmaker attended a re-election fundraiser for the Democrat in his native Atlanta, Georgia on...

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Brody Jenner Escorted Away From Party

1st March 2012

Brody Jenner was ''upset'' after he was refused entry to a VIP party on Sunday night (26.02.12). The 28-year-old hunk - who is the step-brother of the Kardashian sisters - was stopped from getting into...

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Madonna Changes Song Title After Joe Francis Legal Pressure?

28th February 2012

Madonna 's manager Guy Oseary has dismissed claims that Madonna changed a track title from her forthcoming album because of legal pressure from Joe Francis. Earlier this month, Tmz reported that Madonna had received a...

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The Things They Say 23987

12th January 2012

"Usher is one person that I've already worked with. In terms of other artists, you can say that there's going to be a lot of surprises on here." Ludacris has a host of star-studded collaborations...

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