Review of True Crown Foundation Songs Album by Lucky Nine

The Lucky Nine
True Crown Foundation Songs
Album Review

This is post-hardcore with a nice slice of punk and some big rock riffs. Opening track Vessel and Vine displays a very hooky, Nirvana-esque chorus. That's followed by Sweet Dream which has some cool electro tinkering. Like other tracks on the album it threatens to veer off into melodic emo schmaltz, but it has a big, beefy chorus to get it back on track. For a harder, punkier vibe skip to The Program. The hardcore vocal is a bit self-conscious and stylised, but the track is carried by some sleezy, almost funky, bass and guitar riffs. Perhaps the most commercial track here is The Light from Passing Cars. It's more melodic and sweet, but not really what this band do best. This is a sound little album, with feisty elements of punk, hardcore, emo and even grunge in the mix – indeed the ghost of Kurt Cobain wanders around in the background all the way through – but there's nothing particularly new or exciting here. Though it does make you feel like rocking out in your living room, it all gets a little bit repetitive after a while.

Sharon Edge