This case of one thing leading to another and nobody getting what they want is sprinkled with bad guys you don't much like, bad guys you do like, and a few pissy people you'd like to see taken out or taken away. Nicotina is a comedy of errors that Peter Sellers, if he were around, might find amusing.

Computer hacker Lolo (Diego Luna) finds himself in the center of a scam to trade Swiss bank account data for diamonds with Svóboda (Norman Sotolongo), an overstuffed and bearded Russian mobster with a nasty disposition. Lolo's pals Nene and Tomson (Lucas Crespi and Jésus Ochoa) are the scammers who set up the deal and are depending on Lolo to burn a CD disc with the bank info. To the point of annoyance, they continue to haggle over the lethal effects of cigarettes in order to provide the film its title.

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