Review of Nine Times That Same Song Album by Love Is All

Love Is All
Nine Times That Same Song
Album Review

Love Is All Nine Times That Same Song Album

Remember the spirit of Lene Lovich, Altered Images, and Nina Hagen, where bouncy, screamy women careened around in front of a Cure-like indie rock band, uttering unintelligible lyrics with all the energy in the world. Well, in a little part of Sweden, it's still that time.

Love Is All combine the sound of that era with an LCD Soundsystem/ Go Team approach to multilayering. Is it enjoyable? Well, there's a certain interesting energy to the whole piece, but there are also extremely awful songs (Used Goods and Busy Doing Nothing sound like a mash-up of Madness, Lily Allen and Siouxsie Sioux - in the worst car-crash sense). But, there is something here, and it's a good car CD, when the effervescence and carelessness are fun, rather than annoying. Not Sweden's greatest export (they sound nothing like The Concretes, or the Radio Dept, and way down on Dungen or David & The Citizens), but perhaps one to watch for the future.


Mike Rea

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