Review of Busy Doing Nothing Single by Love Is All

Love Is All
Busy Doing Nothing
Single Review

Love Is All Busy Doing Nothing Single

Never before has a single's title so succinctly described its true essence. Well, not since Stupid Mistake by Gareth Gates anyway.

Hotly-tipped Scandinavian rockers Love Is All have crafted a messy slice of garage rock here, all disco drums, scratchy guitars and muffled vocals, and, let's be fair, it hits the spot, a rather jarringly melodic bassline keeping it interesting. The problem is, they're about four years too late, this sound is so hackneyed now that the original purveyors of it are either moving on or dying out. And, like big broad Rolf Harris brushstrokes on a giant canvas, it look pretty but conveys nothing much at all, and is thus a rather hollow experience.

Ben Davis

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