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Louis Xiv Frontman Forms Supergroup With The Killers And Muse Stars

Muse drummer Dominic Howard and The Killers' Mark Stroemer have formed a new supergroup with Louis Xiv frontman Jason Hill.Hill formed the band Vicky Cryer in 2009 and has been working on a debut album...

Milla Jovovich Shows Off With Swordfighting

Milla Jovovich enjoys swordfighting when she is drunk.The 'Resident Evil' actress admits she can be a show-off and can't stop herself from trying to impress her friends with her swashbuckling skills when intoxicated.She said: ''I'm...

Zsa Zsa Gabor Selling House

Zsa Zsa Gabor has put her house up for sale.The 95-year-old actress - who has suffered a string of health problems over the last two years - and her spouse Prince Frederic von Anhalt have...

Sarah Jessica Parker Plans Nursery

Sarah Jessica Parker has splashed out over £11,000 on her twins' nursery.The actress and husband Matthew Broderick - who are expecting twin girls through a surrogate mother - are determined to give the babies luxury...

Air And Phoenix To Rock Versailles

French pop acts AIR and PHOENIX have picked out an unusual location to team up for fans - they'll be playing the royal palace of Versailles, near Paris, later this year (07). The historic venue,...

J.lo's Pregnancy Demands

JENNIFER LOPEZ reportedly stunned employees at a top London hotel with a list of demands which she hopes will help her get pregnant. The JERSEY GIRL star, who is in Britain promoting her upcoming...

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Zipper - Trailer

Zipper - Trailer

This political drama is a scandalous thriller starring Patrick Wilson and Lena Headey. It has been directed by Mora Stephens.

Lena Dunham Criticises Lyrics Of New Justin Bieber Song

Lena Dunham Criticises Lyrics Of New Justin Bieber Song

Lena Dunham slammed Justin Bieber’s song ‘What Do You Mean?’, suggesting that the ambiguous lyrics are promoting rape culture.

Seven Davis Jr - Universes Album Review

Seven Davis Jr - Universes Album Review

Seven Davis Jr.'s debut album, 'Universes', continues the astral theme in both title and tilt.