Review of The Best Little Secrets Are Kept Album by Louis XIV

Louis XIV
The Best Little Secrets Are Kept
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Louis XIV The Best Little Secrets Are Kept Album

Well I'm sorry but I just cannot get enough of this album, its just fandabydozy. They're Franz Ferdinand but with more attitude and possibly more eyeliner, they're iggy pop meets the white stripes meets t-rex.

I managed to hear a preview of this album a few months back and I have been eagerly awaiting the full album and I am in no way disappointed. I have even managed to get my boyfriend hooked on this album. Every song is just brilliant; there is not one bad song on this album.

I just cant recommend this album any more, get your 13 quid out and buy it, and buy it for everyone for their Christmas because every one should be listening to Louis XIV, although maybe not suitable for the very young or very old as there are sexual references in some of the songs but that just adds to the rawness of it. Got to love 'Paper Doll' and 'God Killed the Queen' and 'Finding Out True Love' and… ok you just gotta love every song on the album. For me the best song is 'A Letter to Dominique' just purely for the t-rex metal guru sound to it. I actually know the words to this song I've listened to it so many times in the past week. A fantastic album, a fantastic investment, a fantastic band. Cannot wait for another tour!

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