Louis XIV - Interview

27 July 2005

Louis XIV

Louis XIV - Interview

Louis XIV - Interview
Contactmusic spoke to Brian from the amazing new Atlantic signing, Louis XIV

How are you doing?

I’m ok thanks; I’m actually just waking up. I had a nap earlier on! We’ve been in the car all day heading up here to Nottingham.

How long have you been in the UK for?

We arrived on the fourth so a few days now, it’s really our first time over in the UK. We’ve done shows in London last year and things but this is our first real set of UK shows. We’ve been over to France and done some shows but the UK is still a pretty new thing for us. We’re going back home to do Lollapalooza festival in Chicago. It’s been pretty busy for us since January.

You’ve just started on your own headline tour, how’s it going?

Well we’ve done a couple of tours around America in the past. We’ve done both the west and east coasts and we’ve been down south and when we get back from the UK we are going to do the Northern part of the States. We also did a date in Mexico City, which was great; well it’s all been great so far. We’re all finding it quite overwhelming the amount of people who are starting to hear the band.

Who have you had supporting you?

We’ve just had local bands with us actually. The venues have been sorting all that out for us. We didn’t have any requests for bands to come along with us because we’re from America we didn’t really know who we could have with us. To be honest I haven’t really had the chance to check out any of the bands either because I’ve been getting to the venues at the last minute.

Are we treating you well?

It’s been great! Every show has been amazing. We did T in the Park in Scotland which was unreal and there’s a radio station up there called Beat 106 who covered the festival and they voted us the number one band at the festival. We all found that amazing, there was so many tremendous bands there. It was a nice treat. Actually I think the place I’ve enjoyed the most so far was Hull; it’s such a bizarre area it was so far and out of the way.

Did you record The Best Little Secrets Are Kept in Paris?

No we didn’t do this one over there. It was actually our first album that got us started out. One of our old house mates moved over to Paris and he had his own flat and was very much into recording his stuff like we were, he also had a very similar setup to our own. Actually the whole Paris thing sounds far more glamorous than it really was; we actually recorded in a basement! The first album that we recorded over there was all about a boy who thought he was Louis XIV, so that’s where we get our name from. It was quite appropriate at the time and it just stuck.

Talking about Louis XIV, you’re artwork is great.

Thanks, our buddy John did it for us. I bought a biography of Louis XIV when we decided to write the first album and I scanned in the cover of the book and john made it into a silhouette that’s now turned out to be our logo. He also added the star; I don’t know it must be his creative touch!?! It’s worked out cool, we all love it. We wanted something recognizable yet simple.

When’s the new album due for release?

I think it’s around late September early October. Again, we’re all very excited. It’s great being at home and working in the studio on new stuff but it’s also great to get out on the road and push our music, that’s why it’s nice to do this tour to see how people take to the songs. We’ve got our first single due out very soon too, God Killed the Queen.

How are things looking with the single?

Well we had to stop selling our first album when we got our record deal and recorded all the new material for The Best Little Secrets Are Kept but we actually took two tracks off the first album, one being Louis XIV and the other being this one God Killed The Queen. We thought they were a good interpretation of the band. And also because there’s a kind of story behind the name I think it helps people understand us.

Ok, as self explanatory as the title maybe - would you explain God Killed the Queen?

Well, it’s about this boy who starts to think he is Louis XIV, and he has it out with his mother. Ha it sounds a little silly to describe it now but he wanted God to come in and take over his body and kill his mum. He refers to his mum as the Queen because he thinks that he is Louis XIV.

How do you unwind Brian?

Usually a couple of drinks and meet up with some friends, Sometimes I just take it mellow and go back to the hotel room and fall asleep!

Have you been out much since you’ve been over in the UK?

Actually I’m hurting right now! Last night was a pretty heavy night for us. We got pretty wild and crazy. We were out with a couple of the guys from well a famous band now, The Libertines. They came to a show we did at somerset house and I met Carl last time we were in London and we became friends and Anthony came out too so we just drank the evening away. We all had the night off so we took full advantage.

Which was the first band that really moved your soul?

I’d say it was probably the Rolling Stones. I heard them when I was an early teenager about thirteen on this video that my sister’s boyfriend brought over. I put it on and it was this from a live show of them in concert back in the 70’s. I thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

Which of your songs sums up your present mood and why?

I’d say Illegal tender…. Actually no I’m going to change that to letter to Dominique, because it’s quite dark and I’m in quite a dark mood seeing as I’m hung-over and all. I need some aspirin.

You’re obviously a very good musician, what aren’t you so good at?

I’m really horrible at drawing, I’ve done some stuff that looks OK but other things just look stupid. Even if someone said to me draw a banana I’d have a real hard time trying to create anything that looked remotely like it. So you can just imagine what it’s like when I try and draw someone’s face or anything like that. It’s a very cool talent and I have always been envious of people who can draw well.

Well you seem to have lots of musical talent so you must be doing something right.

Yeah well when we finished both of these records we never thought anyone would get it and we did really make them for ourselves but as people started hearing about it one thing lead to another and here we are now.

How long has Louis XIV been around for?

Jason & I have been best friends since we were little kids, from about the age of seven. We started playing in bands together since we were 15 so about 12 years. Louis XIV kind of got under way in April 2003. Not all that long really but because me, Mark the drummer and J have been playing in bands together since high school things just felt right between us. We got signed in August last year, we haven’t really had any time off since then, I guess we are just trying to strike whilst the irons still hot.

You’re adoration for music is obviously huge! What else are you really passionate about?

Well my family and stuff, I guess they are the most important thing to me but I have been passionate about music since I was a little kid. I just knew I didn’t want to do anything else, I started playing piano when I was six and then at the age of about thirteen I started playing guitar and now I play both. It’s fun.

What’s next for Louis XIV?

We are doing our own little tour through the west coast and back down to the south again, we then head to Japan and then we go out on tour with the killers again. They keep on asking us on tour with them and they’re a tremendous band so we keep on wanting to go back on tour with them. We totally get along so it’s always a good time.


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