Louis Tomlinson wants advice from Sir Elton John after buying his hometown soccer club Doncaster Rovers.

The One Direction hunk, who has gone into business with former chairman John Ryan, admits he needs to ''mature a little bit'' and is looking to speak to the 'Rocket Man' hitmaker, who became chairman of Watford FC in 1976, to get tips on his new role.

Louis told The Sun newspaper: ''I had thought about seeking his advice - but how on earth do you get in touch with Elton John? I don't know. Hopefully this will send the message out!''

The 22-year-old star feels he'll need to start acting ''dead serious'' and stop being childish, after he was filmed apparently smoking a marijuana-laced cigarette in Peru with bandmate Zayn Malik recently.

He said: ''I can't be a big kid any more or play pranks. I am absolutely going to be very involved in the club.

''I will be committing a lot of time to it. I've said that I want to be across absolutely everything.

''I'll definitely be going to board meetings, which is ridiculous, but I guess I am a businessman now.''

The pop star asked fellow bandmates Zayn, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne for their blessing before buying the club and dreams of the League One side getting to the Premier League.

Louis recalled: ''I said, 'Look boys, I'm going to do this. Do any of you have a problem with it?' All the boys were super-supportive - especially Niall, who is very, very excited.

''I know there will be a few eyebrows raised about me doing this. But hopefully the results go a certain way and we'll create a successful club.''

The young star joked that his only experience is playing soccer video games but insists he's up for the challenge and thinks he has what it takes to help the club.

He said: ''I still play Football Manager, actually - I absolutely love it! But it's like playing the game for real now.''

Louis, who is worth around £14 million, and John, who is a plastic surgery tycoon, have launched a £2 million crowdfunder campaign to ask for help from fans and supporters and will also put their own money into supporting the side.