Louis Tomlinson has set up his own record label to source a new girl band.

The former One Direction singer has partnered up with Simon Cowell to launch their own label imprint under Sony in a bid to find the next big all-female group.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper about the latest venture, the music mogul said: ''He [Louis] has just signed a deal with us as an imprint of a record label. He has a new artist who is going to be released this year I hope who are incredible.

''He has got fantastic instincts. He told me about this idea I would say a year or 18 months ago. He stuck with it.

''They are unbelievably good. They are as good as I have ever heard. I think he has got a real knack for this.''

Meanwhile, the 'X Factor' judge has revealed he told the 24-year-old's former band member Harry Styles, 22, to sign his solo record deal with Columbia.

He explained: ''I won't go into the technical detail but it was a deal which we encouraged.

''This was something we were very instrumental in and it was the result we all wanted so it was great.''