The pop singer became embroiled in a drug scandal following the publication of a picture which showed him rolling a suspicious looking cigarette while partying with a group of girls at The Soho Hotel in London last month (Apr15).

Student Kemi Lawrence, 18, was among the group invited back to Tomlinson's suite after meeting him at a nightclub, and she has now detailed the wild evening to Britain's The Sun newspaper, comparing it to Bradley Cooper's Las Vegas buddy film.

She says, "The only drug I saw Louis take was weed. One of his pals pulled it out of a backpack. The two of them rolled about three or four joints for them to smoke... Louis was definitely the one who kept the party going back at the hotel. It was 5am but he turned the music right up and got the bottle of Champagne out. I remember the glasses we had were broken, so we were doing shots out of posh china cups - the kind that are meant for high class afternoon teas...

"Between us we drank everything in the minibar... He ordered room service, including burgers and chips and even a salmon dinner for one of his friends who wanted it. It came through to the room on this massive platter with potatoes and Champagne. There were no issues at all with ordering it at 6am in the morning. We carried on drinking until 7am... (At 11.30am) we were all sitting there, trying to piece together the night before and comparing it to the Hangover film. We were all laughing about it. Louis was still being really fun and energetic, and he was very considerate. He even ordered us fresh tights and socks from room service. Later he settled the room service bill for all of us, which came to £6,000."