Louis Tomlinson is ''living it up'' now he's single.

The 23-year-old singer split up with his girlfriend of four years, Eleanor Calder, earlier this year, and his bandmate Liam Payne has now revealed he believes the heartthrob along with fellow One Direction member Niall Horan will be the last members of the band to settle down and get married because they love single life.

When questioned on his choice, Liam told Louis: ''Well you're just living it up these days!''

While his bandmates believe Louis will stay single for the longest, they also revealed he's the most likely to waste away the fortune he has earned from being in the 'Best Song Ever' band.

Asked who will have spent all of their money ''in 20 years time'', Harry Styles immediately replied with Louis' name, and while he originally denied the accusation, he then admitted the 21-year-old singer was probably right.

He said: ''I promise I won't! But yeah, could be me, could be me.''

During the chat, the group also updated their fans on their music, explaining while they won't be releasing any more singles from their last album, 'Four', they are ''finalising the details'' of their upcoming fifth LP, which will be their first since band member Zayn Malik left in March.

Liam told Capital FM radio station: ''We've literally just started, and almost finished another one (album), so, there is more on the way, we're just finalising the details.''