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Runner, Runner Trailer

Richie Furst is a Princeton student with a unique gift for mathematics. He uses his talent to play the odds on online poker sites but what's starts out as gambling for fun, turns into much more as he struggles to pay his school fees. He has one more chance to bring up his bank balance but finds himself busted out of a game (and the last of his money) despite his calculations telling him he should win. Determined to discover the meaning behind what he thinks is a scam, he visits the website's owner Ivan Block who offers him a job with a guaranteed 7-figure salary in just a few months. Unfortunately, he finds himself conned worse than he realised when he is kidnapped by an FBI agent for his apparent 'crimes' and uncovers the corrupt and often cruel operations behind Ivan and his company. Now his tuition fees are the least of his worries as he is now gambling for his life.

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The Spirit Review

It's been too long since we've had a proper comic book superhero on the screen. There's been enough of them running around and bashing up the bad guys in a CGI-enhanced fashion, that's for sure. But it's hard to look at the recent cinematic incarnations of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne and call them "superheroes;" even if they keep their identities secret and have nifty outfits. "Billionaire action figures" would be more appropriate, what with all their high-priced gadgetry and super-duper hideouts. Whatever happened to the caped heroes who kept an eye on the city's dark alleys and took out the bad guys with nothing more than a sock to the jaw?

Frank Miller's jazzy The Spirit answers that question with a cocky wink and a grin. The streets of Central City are almost always dark and threatening, but they're watched over by a guardian who used to be a cop named Denny Colt (Gabriel Macht, wonderfully deadpan). One near-death experience later and Colt has dug himself out of his own grave. He then decides to serve the city as a masked avenger known as The Spirit, whose only weapons are a newfound ability to absorb ridiculous amounts of punishment and his fists.

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6th Annual World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational Held At Commerce Casino - Arrivals

Matthew Lillard Saturday 1st March 2008 6th Annual World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational held at Commerce Casino - Arrivals Los Angeles, California

Confidence Review

If Heist held your attention and The Score kept you guessing, you need to see Confidence, James Foley's stunningly original sting movie that puts the majority of sting movies to shame. Who knew that Foley, the man responsible for brainless thrillers like The Corruptor and Fear, would helm a genre film that outwits even those from acclaimed filmmakers David Mamet and Frank Oz?

Confidence has triple the pizzazz of any caper movie released in the past several years. To say that it keeps you guessing would be misleading; the film has so many twists, turns, and reveals them in such an order that you don't even know where to start guessing. You'll need a scorecard to keep everything in order. Yet, remarkably, in the end, everything adds up without any apparent plot holes. It's astonishing.

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The Animal Review


The very notion that Rob Schneider has what it takes to carry a movie is probably the funniest thing about "The Animal," another sloppy comedy produced by his buddy Adam Sandler.

I mean, if you're looking for an obnoxious sidekick or five minutes of physical schtick, Schneider might be a good person to have on your short list. But it would take more than his rubbery face and a complete lack of shame to make something entertaining out of this lowbrow, high-concept gimmick of a movie.

Schneider plays a toadying, inept evidence room clerk who drives his car off a cliff in the first reel and has his life saved by a mad scientist (Michael Caton) who gives him a multiple-organ transplant using guts from animal kingdom donors. When he comes to, our hero can run like a horse, swim like a dolphin and smell and hear like a dog.

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