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Grimsby Trailer

Nobby is a good ol' northern lad who loves nothing more than spending time with his family and mates down at the local pub but there's something missing from his life - his brother. When Nobby and his brother were young boys, they were separated and the two haven't seen one another since.

Being separated for so many years has led the two grown men down very different lives. Nobby has multiple children and lives with the love of his life whilst his brother, Sebastian is a loner who doesn't have a personal life at the cost of his job, a professional spy.

When Nobby manages to track down his brother, the two are reunited and it instantly leads to Noddy making costly mistakes for his brother. The spy's mission is ruined and he must go into hiding and re-evaluated his plan. Ever the thinker, Noddy comes up with the perfect place for Sebastian to lay low. Grimsby - the boys home town.

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Grimsby - Red Band Teaser Trailer

Nobby and Sebastian are long lost brothers who live completely different lives. Sebastian is a highly skilled MI6 assassin whilst his brother, Norman Grimsby - affectionately known as Nobby - leads a much simpler life.

Football loving Nobby lives in North England with the love of his life Lindsey and their eleven children. Their life is good and they're all very happy together - yet Nobby longs to reconnect with his brother. When Nobby's search finally returns a positive result, he doesn't realise how much danger he's putting both himself and his brother in.

The brothers are finally reunited but unbeknownst to Nobby, Sebastian has exposed a deadly plot that could scale to a global disaster. With both brothers on the run, Nobby must put some of his northern traits to one side and help his brother protect the world.

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Mark Strong To Star In 'Grimsby' Opposite Sacha Baron Cohen

Mark Strong Sacha Baron Cohen Louis Leterrier

Mark Strong is set to star in 'Grimsby'.

The 'Green Lantern' actor is currently in negotiations to star opposite Sacha Baron Cohen in the comedy as a Black-op spy who is forced to go on the run with his long-lost brother, an English football hooligan.

The script was penned by Cohen with the help of Phil Johnston and Peter Baynham, and will be helmed by 'Clash Of The Titans' director, Louis Leterrier.

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Now You See Me Sequel In The Works

Louis Leterrier

Director Louis Leterrier's magician heist movie Now You See Me is set to be revived for a sequel after becoming a surprise summer (13) hit at the global box office.

The crime caper was made for $75 million (£50 million) and featured an ensemble cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Sir Michael Caine and Isla Fisher.

To date, Now You See Me has pulled in almost $235 million (£157 million) across the world, with the film still yet to open in China, Australia and Japan, and bosses at Lionsgate have decided to make a follow-up to the Summit Entertainment picture.

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'Now You See Me' Receives Mixed Reviews From Critics On US Release

Jesse Eisenberg Mark Ruffalo Woody Harrelson Isla Fisher Dave Franco Melanie Laurent Morgan Freeman Michael Caine Louis Leterrier

Magical mystery thriller Now You See Me receives a flood of favourable and not so favourable reviews as it is released in US movie theatres today (May 31st 2013).

With a star-studded ensemble cast led by Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Mélanie Laurent, Morgan Freemanand Michael Caine, it's no wonder 'Now You See Me' has turned out to be a massive hit with many critics. Living up to its expectations, this Louis Leterrier directed movie has been described as 'A grandiose, far-fetched, somewhat tongue-in-cheek caper thriller' by Vulture and Television Without Pity said 'the tricks were really fantastic' and 'overall, it was an enjoyable time'.

On the other hand, many were unimpressed, with Complex stating rather bluntly, 'the illusion of its awesomeness vanishes to reveal its greatest trick yet: stealing your money' and CTV's Canada AM suggesting that one should 'wrap it in cellophane, lock it in a box and hide it under the bed'. Either way, if you like glamour, mystery and mischief then it's a great film to go and see and with such an excellent cast, just how bad can it possibly be?

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Jessie Eisenberg Studied Magic For Now You See Me

Louis Leterrier Isla Fisher Morgan Freeman Mark Ruffalo

Jessie Eisenberg studied magic for 'Now You See Me'.

The 29-year-old actor plays a member of a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and in order to make the role believable, Eisenberg contributed with his own tricks after learning how to pull off simple optical illusions.

He told The Los Angeles Daily News: ''I learned a few things... I can do card and coin tricks now. I can do small parts of the movie's bigger tricks.

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Director Louis Leterriere: 'Clash Of The Titans Remake Was Famously Horrible'

Louis Leterrier

Director Louis Leterrier has lashed out at Warner Bros. executives for risking his reputation as a filmmaker by rushing to convert his Clash Of The Titans remake into an critically-panned 3D blockbuster.

Promoting his new movie Now You See Me in an interview with website The Huffington Post, Leterrier calls his 2010 movie "famously horrible", insisting movie bosses rushed to add 3D as "a gimmick to steal money from the audience."

The Transporter filmmaker claims Warner Bros. executives forced him to take the blame after the ancient Greek action epic was panned by fans and critics alike, but now he insists the finished product was not the movie he signed on to make.

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'Now You See Me' Premiere Departures

Louis Leterrier - Celebrities leave the ArcLight Theatre after attending a screening of 'Now You See Me' - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 23rd May 2013

Louis Leterrier
Louis Leterrier

Isla Fisher Nearly Drowned On Set

Isla Fisher Sacha Baron Cohen Louis Leterrier

Isla Fisher nearly drowned on the set of 'Now You See Me'.

The 37-year-old Australian star - who has two daughters, Olive, five, and Elula, two, with her comedian husband Sacha Baron Cohen - was left struggling for air when she got tangled up in chains while performing a stunt as a glamorous escapologist in a water tank, after being submerged for two and a half minutes.

The actress told the MailOnline website: ''They had a guy who was off camera, but he was a long way away with a can of oxygen. By the time I realised I couldn't get up and beckoned for him, I realised that I had run out of air.''

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Now You See Me - Alternative Trailer

Michael Atlas is the leader of the most formidable magician group ever seen, The Four Horsemen, alongside Merritt Osbourne, Henley and Jack. Being able to pull off some of the most baffling illusions ever seen, they decide to use their talent to outwit the highest authorities of the country and give something back to their loyal audience. They announce, at one show, that they will rob a bank in Paris and subsequently shower their fans with cash while using their ability to expose the white collar crimes that have been going on in the underground financial world. While the FBI flounder around trying to work out how the trick is done, magic genius Thaddeus Bradley remains the only person who seems to have an idea on how it was worked though he is equally as reluctant as the perpetrators to reveal the secrets.

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Now You See Me Trailer

Michael Atlas is an extremely accomplished illusionist and the leader of his own remarkable band of magicians known as The Four Horsemen which his henchmen, Merritt Osbourne, Henley and Jack, are a part of. Knowing that their abilities astonish and confound audiences everywhere, they decided to use it to their advantage and set out on a path to commit flawless crimes. During a performance, the quartet announce that their next trick is to rob a bank in Paris which they successfully do while exposing the crimes of a white-collar businessman and transporting his large fortune into the bank accounts of all the members of the audience. It isn't long before they are taken into custody by the FBI with Special Agent Dylan Hobbs resolute on finding out how the trick was done and preventing another major crime at the hands of the performers. In order to do so, he finds himself partnering with Interpol detective Alma Vargas against his better judgement and even seeking advice from the renowned Thaddeus Bradley who is well-known for his skill on working out how tricks are done. Dylan must find out if the solution lies with the idea of an outside party being involved, or just a case of master trickery at work.

As well as an all-star cast, this mystery thriller has been directed by action movie connoisseur Louis Leterrier ('The Transporter', 'The Incredible Hulk') and written by Ed Solomon ('Men in Black', 'Charlie's Angels'), Boaz Yakin ('Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time', 'Safe') and Edward Ricourt in his screenwriting debut. It is set for release on June 21st 2013.

Director: Louis Leterrier

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