Louis C.K. is a very busy man. He writes, edits, directs, produces and stars in his very own sitcom entitled 'Louie' and is about to embark on a 22 date stand-up show across the USA. With all these responsibilities, it is perfectly reasonable for Louis to ask for a little time off, which is why the fourth season of the multi-award winning television show wont' air till 2014

Reported in the New York Times, C.K. said “The last three seasons have been this surge of fun and work and stories, and it’s been great to share all this stuff, and I want to keep going... I want the show to keep getting better. That’s my goal, and I don’t want it to be making the doughnuts. I want it to keep being something that comes from somewhere fun and important, and I want it to stay funny. It’s a luxury that I asked for, which is more time to create Season 4.” Although C.K has amassed an enormous portfolio of excellent comedy over the past few years, his dedication is clearly quality over quantity.

Plus, his motivations are not simply to keep the show fresh, but his dedication to his family as well. Quoted on RollingStone.com he said “"I think we have a pretty good thing going, meaning me, my ex-wife and them... But I've got to say goodbye to them every week. It's something that gets routine but never easy."

President of FX, John Landgraf said that working with C.K. is “an incredibly joyful process” but one that “maybe less joyful for Louis... because he does everything himself.”

Louis C.K. kept the future of Louie a mystery, saying ““Who knows? Maybe there’ll be a six-episode story, or maybe there won’t be. I still have to noodle it all out, but there is potential for that.”