Review of One Good Thing Album by Lou Rhodes

When Lou Rhodes sings, she convincingly takes the mantle of Authority of Life, Love, the Universe and Everything. If she were to write a song about the benefits of blindfolded cliff-top strolls, we would almost certainly have a spate of dead, middle-aged, ex-festival goers on our hands.

Lou Rhodes One Good Thing Album

Lou Rhodes was formerly the singer and lyricist for Lamb, former Glastonbury stalwarts and hectic trip-hoppers. Lamb had a fervent fan-base; their final performance at Glastonbury bordered on a religious experience for most of those present. Essentially, with fellow Lamb member Andy Barlow on production duties, Lou Rhodes' solo work is a mellow extension of Lamb's back catalogue. Gone are the breakbeats and the drum 'n' bass stylings; Rhodes' songs are more akin to their later, more acoustic work.

Gaining a depth and authenticity previously absent from her voice, Rhodes' gentle hum has taken on an edge; in parts, she almost growls like an ageing Patti Smith, and no one argues with a voice like that. Tracks like 'Magic Day' stand out the most, with simple, cyclical guitar propping up her vocals and ebbing toward their final destination. At times, though, Rhodes' voice blends so effortlessly with layers of strings and instrumentation, that the meaning becomes lost in the timbre of the song.

Hayley Avron

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