The outpouring of grief for the late Lou Reed has continued since his death was announced on Sunday 27th October.

Lou Reed
Lou Reed died on Sunday aged 71.

The songwriter and guitarist died at his home at Amagansett on Long Island on Sunday. The cause of his death has not been released but many media outlets, including Rolling Stone, are referencing the liver transplant he underwent in May of this year. The New York Times spoke to the doctor who had performed Reed's liver surgery, Dr Charles Miller of a hospital in Ohio, he stated the cause of death was liver disease. However this has not been confirmed by New York officials. He was 71-years-old. 

Reed has been hailed as one of the greatest influence on rock music in the last fifty years. He was acutely aware of the freedom of expression rock music allowed him. In an interview, as the NYT reports, Reed said "I've always believed that there's an amazing number of things you can do through a rock 'n' roll song, and that you can do serious writing in a rock song if you can somehow do it without losing the beat. The things I've written about wouldn't be considered a big deal if they appeared in a book or movie."

Lou Reed
Lou Reed has influenced numerous genres of rock music.

He started his career in The Velvet Underground in the late sixties. Although the band was a commercial failure and widely panned by critics, it has since gained a cult following. As a result he was notoriously irritable with critics.

He later cultivated a solo career with such hits as 'Walk on the Wild Side'. Reed's song became an instant radio hit despite the references to sex which frequently appeared in his work. An element which made many weary of approaching his music, however his oldest fans remained something numerous critics have commented upon during their analysis of Reed's life and career.

Contactmusic send their condolences to Lou Reed's family, friends and colleagues. 

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