Singer Lou Rawls' affairs with three different women have finally cost him his marriage, according to his ex-mistress.

Fed-up wife CECI is divorcing Rawls. 69, after 13 trouble-filled years, according to papers filed in LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT. And a divorce will prove pricey for Rawls, who's already being sued by girlfriend MARGARET SCHAFFER for $12 million (GBP8 million).

LISA BOZEK, who claims to have been Rawls' mistress during most of his marriage to Ceci, tells American tabloid the STAR, "This is going to cost him a bundle. And the one thing Lou loves more than women is his money."

Rawls constantly cheated on Ceci in the years after the 1989 wedding, claims Bozek.

She says, "Every time she'd find out about a woman, Lou would assure her it was over. He's a smooth liar."

In 1998, Rawls got together with produce broker Schaffer while performing in Washington and she claims she moved to Los Angeles to be with him. Schaffer is now suing Rawls for backing out of a promise to give her half of his income, according to files.

Ceci had enough of Rawls' antics when he was arrested on 15 January (03) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after fighting with another alleged girlfriend, flight attendant NINA INMAN, 32.