Music fans were shocked to hear the news that The Lostprophets front man, Ian Watkins, was arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Now, The Guardian reports, the Welsh singer has been officially charged. 

In a statement, Welsh police said: "In order to assist their investigation South Wales police has named the man as Ian Watkins, a member of the rock group Lostprophets." The statement said Watkins and two women had been arrested as part of a continuing investigation codenamed Operation Globe, and had been questioned at Cardiff bay police station. Senior investigating officer, Detective Inspector Peter Doyle, said: "Specially trained staff are available to speak to anyone with concerns or information regarding this investigation and a dedicated telephone number has been set up. I want to encourage anyone who has any concerns or information which they think may be relevant to contact us. Safeguarding children involved in such cases is always a high priority and as such measures have already been taken."

John Cameron, head of child protection operations for the NSPCC, added of the investigation: "We can confirm we are working alongside South Wales police and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre on this investigation. It's vital we send a clear message to those who have experienced abuse that they can never be to blame for what has happened to them, that they have somewhere to turn and that they will be taken seriously."

The band have since removed all content on their website following the harrowing news, which saw alleged charged of conspiracy to rape a 1-year-old, and animal porn, amongst others. Ian Watkins remains in custody with two woman, who have also been charged with crimes of a sexual nature. They have so far remained unnamed for legal reasons.