Review of A Town Called Hypocrisy Single by Lost Prophets

A Town Called Hypocrisy
Visible Noise

Lost Prophets A Town Called Hypocrisy Single

Fresh from bagging a brace of trophies at the Kerrang! Awards, the 'Prophets are now releasing the second single from their chart-topping "Liberation Transmission" album. Having already completed a tour of the UK earlier this year, they've recently announced details of a second jaunt - dubbed "Liberation Phase II" - which commences from November 23.

This Welsh quintet has always had a number of detractors who claim they're nothing more than a metal boy band and it's not hard to see why. None are offensive to the eye and they've regularly churned out catchy rock songs that are smartly produced. "A Town Called Hypocrisy" is no different, with a crisp riff introducing a rant against the trappings of towns that promise so little - the kind of feeling that many younger music lovers may hold against their local trappings (whoever thought Pontypridd and Bradford could be so alike eh?) The "la la la" backing vocals are divine and like it or not, the track will etch itself into your mind.

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