Losers Double Album 'And So We Shall Never Part' Out June 10th 2013

Losers Double Album 'And So We Shall Never Part' Out June 10th 2013

Following on from their critically acclaimed debut album, Losers are back with a new record 'And So We Shall Never Part', two years of blood sweat and tears and.breakups. Losers have been to the edge and sent their loved ones the postcards to prove it.  

Significantly since Paul Mullen (ex Automatic, YOURCODENAMEIS:MYLO) joined founder members Tom Bellamy and Eddy TM as a fully fledged Loser, the band have morphed into a muscular beast, flexing a rockier guilt-edged guitar sound than their previous dance incarnation, whilst producing a romantically damaged but melodically immaculate second album.  Crunching, expansive, inventive, adventurous.. 

As Tom goes on to explain "A lot of the album is about relationships, it's like hurting the people that are closest to you... essentially crying in a field while dancing", a powerful musical insight embodied in such tracks as the propulsive hard-riffing synth metal of 'Acrobatica' (a metaphor for trepidatious but ultimately triumphant romance), 'Half Built House's haunted house atmospheres and the brooding beats of 'Turn Around', the former catching the attention of one James Lavelle (UNKLE) whose promissory note of an impending remix is eagerly awaited, the latter catching DJ Shadow's ear enough for him to ask for the separate parts to 'do something meaningful down the line'.

Losers have in fact given some of their favourite producers on the planet a track each to create a unique limited edition remix album with calligraphy by Goldie, giving their songs an alternate life and their fans a collector's item to cherish. 

A deep and dangerous throb of a hangover anthem rave, 'DNA' cuts right to the bone, a track that was composed by Tom after The Cooper Temple Clause split and tweaked by Eddy with his notorious and sinister electronic imprint very much embodying the darker core elements of the band. Another track that has come under the spotlight is future single 'Azan' which has been used  in the trailer and official game of Far Cry 3, XBOX's  highest grossing global title in addition to  being the official theme music for the BMX Championships at the London 2012 Games. Azan is also slated for Starz's pirate adventure series Black Sails due to be aired in 2014, exec produced by Michael Bay.

Bloodletting new Losers tracks on moshpits around UK and Europe in 2011/12 not only significantly enhanced their reputation as formidable live performers, but forged their new body of work as well as galvanizing scores of new fans.  One particular new fan, Gary Numan, upon hearing the band immediately offered them his UK tour coming up in November 2013. 

Just as exciting for their growing legion of fans, Losers have entered into a triumphantly fresh approach to accessing their second album via Pledge Music.com, a revolutionary new music portal with real attitude.no hoops or boundaries just a brilliant way in helping the boys make and release their music. As a 'Pledger' a Losers fan will also be offered a smorgasbord of exclusive offerings from the band playing a private gig, a cookery class from Eddy, a remix from Tom or even a guitar lesson from Paul.  In addition to this, every pledge will benefit the British Tinnitus Association to help them continue the incredible work they do researching Tinnitus, which both Eddy and Tom are affected by.

Losers are:

Tom Bellamy - Vocals, guitar and keyboard, 
Eddy Temple-Morris - Vocals, bass and keyboard 
Paul Mullen - Guitar, vocals

Track Listing:

1. Azan (2013 version)
2. Acrobatica
3. Oblivion
4. DNA
5. Half Built House
6. Think You
7. Turn Around
8. Don't Waste Your Life Away
9. Us vs Night
10. The Chain
11. And So We Shall Never Part