Online video sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and iTunes that offer older TV episodes -- including whole seasons of some series -- are likely hurting cable TV channels that also offer some of the same shows, according to Anthony DiClemente, media analyst at Barclays Capital. MediaPost 's quoted a note to clients from DiClemente in which he noted that a number of major cable networks had seen ratings declines. "We believe most of the ratings weakness is concentrated in syndicated and rerun programming, a genre that now has more direct competition from online platforms," he wrote. His advice that cable networks focus on live sports and original programming. Among the Losers "AMC networks, down 13 percent from a year ago; Viacom networks down 10 percent; NBCUniversal networks, down 10 percent; Time Warner networks, off 5 percent; Disney channels, flat. DiClemente did note one exception to the general declining or flat audience numbers at the cable nets Discovery channels, which posted ratings growth of 16 percent in the second quarter.