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Fascinating Fact: 4317163

8th August 2014

Beloved Mexican supergroup Los Tigres Del Norte are to be honoured with the 2,527th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Los Tigres Del Norte To Receive First Ever Lider Award

3rd October 2013

Music group Los Tigres Del Norte are set to receive the first ever Lider Award at the 2013 Billboard Mexican Music Awards.The legendary Norteno band will be recognised for its leadership role and social activism...

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Fascinating Fact 10818

8th February 2011

Supergroup LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE will make history in Los Angeles on Tuesday (08Feb11) when they become the first Mexican regional act to record an MTV UNPLUGGED special. The group will tape an acoustic hits...

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Mexican Grammy Winners Scrap Awards Appearance

29th October 2009

Grammy-winning Mexican band LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE scrapped an appearance at an awards ceremony after organisers advised the group not to perform a controversial political song.The six-piece ensemble were set to play at the Las...

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Song Infuriates Mexican Mothers

23rd April 2004

The members of Mexican band LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE (TIGERS OF THE NORTH) have sparked outrage in their native country for releasing a song about the women murdered in a border city. Over the...

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