All aboard the Seaway Queen, as actor-turned-director Joe Mantegna hustles a group of David Mamet regulars onto an enormous steel delivery ship plying the Great Lakes in order to read from one of Mamet's early plays, Lakeboat.

Despite the High Seas setting, the film takes the form of merely a series of conversations among various characters on the boat. Central to them is grad student Dale (Tony Mamet, David's brother), working the boat to earn money during the summer. Then there's an ornery captain (Charles Durning) and his number two (George Wendt). There's a strange fireman (Denis Leary) who stays below deck. There are horny guys (J.J. Johnston and Jack Wallace) who argue the merits of Steven Seagal and his toughness. There's also a lovable deckhand (Robert Forster) who teaches Dale a thing or two about life, love, and so on.

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