Lorde loves her fans' honesty.

The 'Royals' hitmaker is eager to receive honest feedback on her music and so she subscribes to all social media channels, including Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, to allow her loyal followers to gauge their reactions.

She said: ''I have the 'ask' feature on my Tumblr enabled so people with an account can send me a message. To me, that's a really useful tool because I get to hear what people are thinking about what I'm doing.

''I like Twitter because it's a good direct link to people. You just reach out to someone you like and say, 'Follow me, please, and then we can talk.' I really like Instagram as well - it's a good one, very simple. I'm also on Facebook.''

The 18-year-old star even saves her favourite tweets from fans to help her feel better when she's having a bad day.

She added: ''I have this folder on my computer of lovely things people have said to me and whenever I'm in a super-low, terrible mood, I'm like, 'Remember these wonderful souls who said incredible things about you!' ''