Lorde could handle it if her next album is ''really small''.

The 17-year-old singer insists the most important thing about her second record is that she enjoys the songs because she'll have to perform them so often, and she doesn't care what size venues she ends up playing in.

She said: ''To be honest, if the next record I make is really cool and I like it, I can handle it being really big and I can handle it being small.

''I have to play it every two years so if I love it that's OK.''

The 'Royals' hitmaker enjoys touring as she likes to ''burrow'' herself in local life - though she loves returning home afterwards.

She told Stylist magazine: ''Basically, everywhere I go I just want to kind of burrow into the culture and become a local.

''Like, I just want to know everything. I'm having so much fun travelling. But when I get home, I'm glad to be there. I'm glad to have the beach close by and lots of green everywhere. Where I live is a very big part of me. The geography of it.''