Sophia Danko is a young student unwittingly about to enter into a world of whirlwind young love when she meets a dashing cowboy named Luke Collins at her first rodeo. Handsome, charming and impossibly daring with a passion for bull-riding, he captures Sophia's heart and the two become inseparable. As they ponder their happily ever after, they come across a severe car crash, rescuing an elderly man named Ira from the wreckage. While visiting him in hospital, Ira shows her some old letters that he wrote to the love of his life Ruth during the war and she reads them to him, learning more and more about this man's life and also that no relationship is as perfect as it seems. Sophia's connection with Luke starts to strain when he suffers a near miss at another rodeo event, and she begins to resent his disregard for his own life.

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