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Tomorrowland Trailer

Casey Newton loves inventing and all things scientific, but she's definitely got a problem with authority. After a run in with the cops, she discovers an unusual artifact - a coin sized pin with a large letter 'T' on the front that, when handled, seems to take her to a sun-drenched wheatfield in a strange land. Unfortunately, nobody else believes her newfound phenomenon so she is forced to explore the mystery behind it herself. She eventually stumbles across a old scientist named Frank Walker who informs her that the futuristic land she has seen is Tomorrowland, a place full of the smartest individuals set on changing the world for the better. And now he has his eye on Casey as his latest recruit. But it's a dangerous journey for a young girl and she has to be ready for a fight.

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Tomorrowland - Super Bowl TV Spot

Casey Newton is a gifted budding scientist, though has occasionally found herself in trouble with the authorities. On one such occasion, she finds herself suddenly in possession of a strange pin she has never seen before, after collecting her belongings at a police station. After picking it up, she is suddenly transported to another world, a futuristic looking world quite unlike her homeland. After the initial shock wears off, she meets a talented inventor named Frank Walker, who tells her of a place where it's literally possible to change the world, to create things that you would never before have believed possible. That place is called Tomorrowland, and Walker needs a companion for his exciting new journey there having been feeling disillusioned from the world around him. Together they must unveil the secrets of the land and uncover their limitless potential. This dazzling Disney adventure is named after the fantasy area of Disneyland which has never before seen screen action. At the movie's helm is double Oscar winning director Brad Bird ('Ratatouille', 'The Iron Giant', 'The Incredibles') alongside Emmy winning screenwriter Damon Lindelof ('Lost', 'Prometheus', 'World War Z'). 'Tomorrowland' was originally set to be called '1952' and is set to be released on May 22nd 2015.

Tomorrowland - Teaser Trailer

When young science enthusiast Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) fell into a spot of trouble with the local cops and went to retrieve her confiscated belongings from the police station, she did not expect where it would take her. After accidentally being handed a coin shaped red pin bearing a strange blue letter 'T', she is shocked to find herself transported to a strange land, amidst a wheat field surrounding a futuristic looking city under a glorious blue sky. She meets an ageing inventor named Frank Walker (George Clooney) who encourages her to explore Tomorrowland with him; a mysterious dimension in time and space whereby their actions can immediately affect the world; and unveil the secrets behind this mystical land.

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Dance Flick Review

The recent spate of dance-based movies is ripe for parody, but this pastiche never manages to find an actual joke. We're left with a painfully convoluted non-plot trying to link together a series of lead-ins to never-realised punchlines.

Megan (Bush) is a perky teen who always wanted to be a ballerina but wound up in the inner-city Musical High School instead of Julliard. She's befriended by the sassy Charity (Atkins), whose brother Thomas (Wayans Jr) catches her eye and offers to teach her some new dance steps. But Thomas and his pal (Crockett) are in debt to a local gangster (Grier). To pay up they need to take on a rival team in The Streets dance-off, which happens to be on the same night as the school's Senior Showcase.

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Daddy Day Camp, Trailer Trailer

Daddy Day Camp

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Little Man (2006) Review

Not even White Chicks can prepare you for the badness brought on by Little Man. This "Li'l Bubba's House" is my early Razzie favorite and definitely the worst theatrical release so far this year. Its awfulness stems primarily from its central conceit, so before like a ravenous lion I tear at its vulnerable wildebeest flesh, a brief synopsis is appropriate.Calvin Sims (Marlon Wayans) is a little criminal, "little" being the operative word. At just three feet of height and with a silky smooth face, he is known in the underworld as "Baby Face" Sims. On the day of his release from prison, Calvin teams up with his partner Percy P (Tracy Morgan) to rob a jewelry store of the giant Queen Diamond. The diamond inadvertently ends up in the hands of Vanessa (Kerry Washington) and Darryl Edwards (Shawn Wayans) who unknowingly escort it to their home in the Chicago suburbs. Calvin utilizes his "little man" status to bluff his way into the Edwards household, pretending to be a baby to get himself close to the misplaced prize. Of course, hilarity ensues when the Edwardses grow attached to Calvin and start to treat him as they would their own baby boy. Bring on the rectal thermometers!Wait. Hilarity? Wrong word. Typo. Error. The more apt choice would be banality, or even creepiness. Little Man is a project misconceived on every possible level. The most prominent of these levels is also the most central: Calvin, the little man himself. The entire time I watched I could not shake the feeling that something was seriously wrong with the very idea of the movie. It isn't just that there isn't a funny moment in the thing or that every character is less than paper thin, there was something sorely wrong with the concept of attaching an adult's head to a child's body. Here we have a "man child" having sex with his supposed mother, clutching at giant fake breasts and growling every time he sees a firm buttock. It was plainly irksome. However, if that doesn't seem wrong to you, and the idea of Marlon Wayans' head on a little body is fine, certainly the shoddy execution will offend. The visual effects team have literally transposed footage of Wayans performing each scene onto the body of a child actor performing the same scenes with the cast. The result is seam-full and distracting. Laugh-free moments such as Calvin sticking his tongue down the throat of a hot blonde, played by Brittany Daniel, are made that much worse by the poor quality of the visual effects. It all lends an otherworldliness to Calvin: He is the oddest and most unsettling child, man, thing, to hit cinemas for a long time. I include recent and past Damiens in that calculation.One could forgive bad effects and cringing characterizations if the movie was at all funny. It isn't. The closest it comes to humor is a running gag about white people viewing black people as criminals. Not exactly fresh and as a running gag runs out of puff the second of about thirty times it is repeated. The entire movie is similarly stale. Director Keenen Ivory Wayans chooses locations and colors for the film that are noticeably drab. He also demonstrates an amateurish tendency to let some scenes (Calvin pooping his pants for example) outstay their welcome while cutting away from others at the most inappropriate of times. Shawn Wayans as Calvin's newfound father figure is bland, while Kerry Washington as the mother has her smile set to high beam and her performance is garishly overplayed to match.Little Man is a depressing experience that critics will rightly savage. I have no doubt however that our cries will fall on deaf ears. Orthodontic surgery would be more fun than watching this, but some will still venture, cash in hand, to the weird and wonder-less world of this latest Wayans Brothers mess. Money will be made, minds will be lessened and much to my chagrin, future Wayans green lights will be lit.Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Mini-Me?

Dead Man On Campus Review

Have you seen the one about the college kids who try to get their roommate to kill himself so they can get straight As? Oh, you have? Well, MTV remade it for the umpteenth time again, last year, and it wasn't good this time, either.

Heart Of America Review

You say Heart of America. I think Disney, helicopter shops of forest rangers, Imax, maybe 3-D, maybe some fireworks.

You say a thinly-veiled fictionalization of the Columbine massacre. I say directed by Uwe Boll (He'll make four movies based on video games from 2003 to 2006.)

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Kill Me Later Review

Just about scrapes bottom, if for no other reason than the obnoxious camerawork and editing which has every scene re-enacted rapid-fire multiple times from multiple angles, usually with pulsing music over the whole thing. The story is wholesale idiotic, too: bank robber takes suicidal bank clerk hostage; she demands her death, he refuses. Oh, the hilarity! Anyway, Mr. Lustig, this isn't a music video, pal. Get it together.

Scary Movie Review

A cynic would say any filmmaker is looking for trouble by trying to make a spoof out of another spoof.

Scary Movie is just that spoof, a Wayans brothers special that's a flat-out parody of Scream -- both of which ironically were produced by Dimension Films. Studio spoofs itself -- now that's comedy!

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Dracula 2000 Review

Well, it's the holiday season and what better way to celebrate than by sucking everyone dry? No... it's not your neighborhood Christmas Key Party, it's Dracula 2000, a gift to all you horror fans for Christmas.

And it's got all of those earmarks of just about every Dracula, a director no one has heard of (Craven just bankrolled it), a series of barely recognizable actors, and a feeling of having been shelved for about four years... oh yeah, and a bunch of religious undertones so the crew can work through their theological schizophrenia a la Anne Rice.

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Screwed Review

Rarely does a film like Screwed come across my desk: a film so utterly easy to insult, from its title on in, that writing the review is an absolute piece of cake. Somehow, the producers of this film chose the title Screwed over such options as Ballbusted, Foolproof, and Pittsburgh, probably hoping to attract a teenage crowd with its would-been-risque-if-not-for-the-likes-of-S.F.W. title and its screwball Norm-MacDonald-needs-better-work antics. Sadly, this marketing technique will probably succeed and result in, well, a lot of people feeling screwed.

Screwed concerns a butler (Norm MacDonald) and a chicken wing vendor (David Chapelle) who team up to try to, well, screw a bitter old hag out of five million dollars. Needless to say, the plan goes south, and the two have to run all over Pittsburgh (which is obviously not really Pittsburgh) to get away with their perfect crime. Norm sleeps with some girl in a bit part that should have been bigger, David convinces good old Norm to fake his death with the help of a mortician (Danny DeVito), and all the while we watch the hag bitch and gripe, not really caring

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Scary Movie Review


It takes "Scary Movie" almost until its closing credits to produce its first real out-loud laugh -- and even then it's a laugh mostly for those who have seen "The Usual Suspects."

Don't get me wrong. This post-modern horror spoof has a respectable number of chuckles, snorts, snickers and small giggles courtesy of scattered moments of Mel Brooks/Zucker Bros. lampoonery. It has a ready supply of eeeewwwwws, too, since director Keenan Ivory Wayans takes more than a few cues from the "Something About Mary"/"South Park" school of raunchy comedy.

But just adding fart jokes, dick jokes and pop culture winks with a half-life of two weeks to scenes lifted wholesale from "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" does not a comedy make.

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White Chicks Review


Marlon and Shawn Wayans of "Scary Movie" fame underwent hours of makeup each day to play the title characters in the gimmick comedy "White Chicks," but little good it did them. Their layers-of-latex Caucasian drag isn't any more realistic than the rubber mask worn by Michael Myers in the "Halloween" movies -- only tighter, as if their faces had been shrink-wrapped.

The two star as idiot FBI-agent brothers who keep trying to make busts without backup and botching the cases badly. Assigned to babysit two dingbat blonde heiresses -- half-hearted "Omigod!" spoofs of Paris and Nicky Hilton -- because of a kidnapping threat, Marlon and Shawn manage to screw that up too, by going undercover as the girls instead.

Giggling in Valley-gal falsettos and wobbling around the Hamptons in high heels and tight, tacky pink outfits (where, of course, everyone inexplicably mistakes them for the real heiresses), they furiously mug through every off-the-shelf cross-dressing gag known to Hollywood and supposedly "really learning something" about women in the process.

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A Guy Thing Review


Jason Lee is usually the funniest guy in any Kevin Smith movie (Banky in "Chasing Amy," Azrael in "Dogma"). Julia Stiles has had fine comedic timing ever since her big splash in "10 Things I Hate About You." But they couldn't be more mismatched as romantic leads in "A Guy Thing."

A cold-feet comedy of accumulative misunderstandings about a groom-to-be who wakes up with a blonde in his bed the morning after his bachelor party -- and assumes the worst -- the movie spends most of its time mining very familiar territory. Lee hides the girl's forgotten panties, discovers she's his fiancée's cousin, and has generic nightmare run-ins with his future in-law and Stiles' ex-boyfriend.

Most of its jokes come from the compounding lies that make it hard to sympathize with the hero, and the moment you meet each one-trait character, you can see his or her entire story arc mapped out in front of you. Example: Stifled Lee, who's going to veer from his buttoned-up, conservative bride-to-be (Selma Blair) and fall in love with wild-child Stiles, has a buttoned-up, conservative brother (Thomas Lennon) who is secretly in love with Blair. Hmmm...I can't imagine where that's going.

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