Review of Lo-Fi's In Ibiza Single by Lo Fidelity Allstars

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8. Lo-Fi Allstars Lo-Fis In Ibiza (12" - Skint)
Propelling themselves straight towards the middle of the dancefloor are the recently reconstructed but well-remembered Lo-Fi Allstars. After a summer of Ibizan debauchery they return with the original of the dub thats been wheeling its way around the island, in the hands of the select few.

Lo-Fis In Ibiza is an instant floor-pleaser. More tasteful vocoder mayhem ensues but is unfortunately followed by a slightly tacky, hands-in-the-air female vocal. The Stripped To The Bone mix adds a more subtle edge.

This is going to be a real winner with the fluffy bra brigade and lets face it, including the I word in the title will have boosted the sales about 500%.