Review of Sleeping With Byron Single by Lo Fidelity Allstars

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8. Lo Fidelity Allstars Sleeping With Byron (12" - (Skint))
Well, the story goes that The Allstars decided to rehash one of their tracks, Sleeping Faster. The resulting mix drew more than a few comparisons with old favourites Ten City. So, being the quick thinking lads they are they decided to ask the one and only Byron Stingley if he cared to join them as guest vocalist. He agreed. Sleeping With Byron was the result, and what a result it is. With a voice not unlike Mr tight-crotch Imagination geezer he manages to lift this track into anthem status.

It could slip unnoticed into the set of an eighties revival night whilst just as easily getting the youngsters not old enough to remember those Ra Ra skirt days enthusiastically shaking their well-worn combats along to it. Midfield General provides a house-laden mix and a crescendo well worth waiting for.