LMFAO have invited Debbie Harry to appear in their next video after learning the Blondie star is a big fan.
The Party Rock Anthem hitmakers, consisting of Stefan 'Redfoo' Gordy and his nephew Skyler 'SkyBlu' Gordy, were thrilled to discover the iconic star liked their music, and they've offered her a cameo in the promo for new song Sexy And I Know It.
Redfoo tells Britain's Daily Star, "We have a couple of videos we're about to work on and film. One of them is Sexy And I Know It.
"How great would it be if Debbie appeared in that? I'd love to ask her. She'd look so cool. We'd love the whole of Blondie on set. It doesn't just have to be Debbie. We love working with people who are inspired by us and us by them."
SkyBlu adds, "That was really nice to hear Debbie likes us because we're big fans of Blondie. We play Blondie songs during our DJ sets and Rapture is a favourite. Debbie Harry was like the first rapper. We'd totally teach her how to do the shuffle."