In 1992, the world was awaiting the next U2 album. The song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" had been in the top forty for quite some time, Casey Kasem had introduced it so many times he was sick and tired of it, and NegativLand had done something truly original... by copying it.

NegativLand published the album "U2" and, included on this album, was a song that used media sampling (when audio or video or images are lifted from one piece of media to be reassembled into another, totally new piece of media) to take the lyrics of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and incorporate them with a bizarre background of Casey Kasem outtakes in which Kasem swore and repeatedly bashed the song (i.e. "It's dumb and they're British and I have to read this shit about some fucking dog that died and who fucking cares?"). Nary a week had passed with the album in stores when a 117-page lawsuit hit NegativLand, taking the small San Francisco band for all that it was worth. Baldwin, determined not to let this fade softly into the night, created Sonic Outlaws as a way of championing NegativLand and its media sampling contemporaries as Robin Hoods... people who rob from the rich lack of creativity of corporate media and give to the poor of their cultish fans.

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