Rapper LL Cool J has hit back at accusations he achieved his muscular frame with the help of cosmetic surgery and steroids.

In recent months, questions have been raised over the MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT rapper's physique - and he's even faced allegations of having had a nose job.

But LL, real name JAMES TODD SMITH, insists a surgeon has never had a hand in sculpting his looks, telling website ALLHIPHOP.COM, "At the end of the day, you will ruin your life doing that. But I don't want to judge anybody that wants to get plastic surgery.

"With me, they want to say, 'Oh LL he must have done steroids.' No, you gotta work hard, B. You sitting there with a TWINKIE in your mouth talking about I take steroids - no. I work hard. I'm in the gym. It's real.

"I am home working out at 2 in the morning when everybody is sleep or at the club. I'm doing a thousand sit ups and I'm (lifting) 315 pounds, doing pull-ups, back and abs, dips and squats."

The New Yorker, who brands allegations of him having had a nose job "comedy", adds that the scar on his stomach came from his appendix removal - not liposuction.

23/09/2004 21:13