The man at the wrong end of LL Cool J 's wrath following a break in at the rapper's L.A home had been charged and could be facing a maximum 38-year jail sentence.
LL Cool J confronted Jonathan Kirby, 56, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, after the man had broken into his Los Angeles mansion. What was first reported as a jovial vigilante tale, soon turned into a more serious matter, and Kirby was admitted to hospital with multiple broken bones, more specifically, his nose, jaw and ribs. The Ncis Los Angeles star was not injured and told authorities that he acted out of concern for his family.
After being arrested, Kirby has now been charged with residential burglary. He faces up to 38 years in prison, which may seem like a harsh sentence, but authorities are said to be considering a record of thefts, disorderly conduct and other criminal activity across Los Angeles and the Orange counties. The intruder also has a lengthy arrest record for thefts, fights and drugs. Investigators also intimated that Kirby might have been responsible for other break-ins in the local area of late.