Liza Minnelli will never forget her late pal Elizabeth Taylor's kindness, remembering how she once sent a kid a new bike after seeing him take a tumble at the side of a road.
Minnelli was devastated by the death of the Cleopatra legend following her death earlier this year (11), and she reveals her favourite memory of Taylor is when she saw a young boy fall off his bike and rushed to help him.
Minnelli tells Britain's OK! magazine, "I was in New York (when she died) and I was heartbroken. I had known her since I was 12. She was so generous. We were driving into town one day in Beverly Hills to go shopping. I was driving and we were yammering (chatting) away and suddenly we saw a kid had fallen off his bike. 'Stop!' she said, so I pulled over and she was so kind to this little guy. We took him home and the next day she sent him a new bike."