Though she was visibly frail, Liza Minnelli still managed to charm her devoted audience at London’s South Bank, as part of their ‘The Rest Is Noise’ series of concerts; a year-long exploration of 20th century music. Representing 1930s Berlin (Minnelli, of course is still largely synonymous with the role of Sally Bowles in the musical Cabaret, set in the same era), Minnelli gave whatever energy she had to old favourites such as ‘Say Liza (Liza With A Z)’ and ‘New York New York.’ She may not have the stamina that she had as young performer but Minelli has retained every inch of her charm and allure.

The Financial Times review describes Minnelli as “breathless, reaching for a teacup of water, leaning on the piano for support rather than in seduction,” and explains that she took advantage of band leader Billy Stritch’s solo on ‘No Moon At All’ to take a much needed break from proceedings.

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli - onstage at the Royal Festival Hall, London

It was the first time that Liza had appeared at the Royal Festival Hall since 1973 and although the cracks are starting to show in her performance, she was “still in amazingly good voice,” according to The Independent – who were equally impressed to witness her take on the Weimar era. Normally, standing ovations are reserved for the end of the show. Minnelli received one simply for stepping on to it and then several more throughout the evening. At 66, Minnelli still knows how to work an adoring crowd.