Review of Ahead of the Lions Album by Living Things

Living Things

Living Things Ahead of the Lions Album

Ahead of the Lions
DreamWorks Records
Album Review

The Americans are back, their angry and they have something to say! And nothing says it better then a slap in the face (or ears) to get a political point across. Maybe Bush and Blair should recruit bands like this to create their manifestos, at least then people will listen.

Everything about this band is gritty and great, gritty riffs, gritty lyrics and banging drums, all sewn together for one purpose – "we gave piece a chance and we got 9/11". The tracks list out like the days paper headlines – Bombs Below, Bom Bom Bom, God made Hate, End Gospel and my personal favourite 'Monsters of Man' to name but a few.
By the end of the album your left with a winning feeling, you've gone to a war of rock with Living Things at your front-line…. And you've won! Living Things are a traditional rock band that input a healthy dose of blended rock, lyrics and one heck of a point to proove. I can't say this album is one you will play over and over again, but it will definitely be one you go back too when you need to get back on top when political life is getting you down!

Adam Prickett

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