Living Things, Interview

01 March 2006

Living Things - Interview

Living Things - Interview

With the impending release of the Living Things new album, Contactmusic caught up with one of the three brothers, Lillian, the lead singer, for a quick chat about what's instore for the near future.

How are you?
m great thanks! We got in to London a few days ago and we've been busy gigging. We also got to play on the Steve Lamacq show for radio one, that was lots of fun! We got to play 3 songs but it was quite nice just being surrounded by so much history, I mean, so many bands have played in there like nirvana and people you know!?!

How long are you staying over here for?
Well, we'
re going over to Amsterdam to do some shows in a couple of days. It should be great. But before we go we have another show to play, I'm really looking forward to it, I love coming over to the UK to do shows because they turn more in to parties….. I guess that's why I enjoy it so much! I hate doing music recitals and things, in America shows can sometimes go like that, when everyone is sitting down and things.

Is this your first proper trip to the UK
Yea, well, we did support tour for Melissa Auf Der Maur. But I guess it'
s not the same as having your own tour and playing headline dates. We're going to come back over at the start of summer for a headline tour.

The new album is out in march, how are things looking?
Yea! It'
s all looking good! It's been a really exciting time for us. It's actually already been out in America at the end of October. We were awarded 4stars in rolling stone & we also got pop rock record of the year. It's called' Ahead Of The Lions' I think there's 12 tracks on the album in total. We just had such a great time when recording it, I think it comes though on the album.

So you're happy with the results?
Yeah! We are. We got to work with a guy called Steve Albini who worked with Nirvana& PJ Harvey.

How long has it been recorded for?
About 6 months actually. We were signed back in May and pretty much got straight in to the studio.

How do you find it being in a band with your brothers?
Well, we'
ve been playing together all our lives. It's easier I think. The beauty of it is you can argue with someone and battle it out and it's over and done with. When you argue with strangers it can create a bad atmosphere, not intentionally just because you don't know anyone like you know your family. Ever since we were young kids we've been playing together. I think we changed our style a few times but ultimately getting better and better.

Are the UK festivals on your agenda this year?
Oh yeah! I can'
t wait for them to start. I love being on the road! we just Iove being able to play to people. I'm a big believer in the fact you can only be a rock star for so long. Recording is obviously important but I think you need to do as many live shows possible & keep maybe a short but full career.

I guess that could be a motto for you! Do you have any others?
I guess, it'
s basically to be a reflection of your surroundings. As an artist I constantly feel the need to reflect on things by writing so I feel full & content!

What was the first kind of music that moved your soul?
d have to say Chuck Berry. He's from the same place as us &my dad is a huge 'oldie' music fan so I love a lot of the old style rock 'n' roll.

If you hadn't got in to music what would you be doing now?
My mother is a political activist so I think I would have probably followed in her footsteps!

Who'd be in your super group?
d have one full of writers. Allen Ginsberg the author/poet would sing. I'd still be in there playing guitar & singing too, drums would be Henry Mellor, I think Roman Polanski would be on lead guitar & I'd like a piano organ with Tony Blair. I'd quite like to revive the old rock and roll star in him! He could loosen his tie a bit!

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