Liv Tyler gets beauty advice from her Rock Star father.

The actress - daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell - admits her dad is her style guru and he is often giving her tips, including perfuming the soles of her feet.

Liv - who wasn't aware Steven was her father until the age of 11, thinking instead it was music producer Todd Rundgren - said: "My father is full of great beauty advice, like wear your perfume in your belly button and on the soles of your feet so that it becomes part of you."

Liv, 33, also admitted she looks to her 62-year-old father for inspiration when she gets worried about wrinkles.

She said: "My grandmother gives me major hope, my dad too because he hasn't had any work done and looks amazing. He doesn't have any wrinkles."

Despite her ageing worries, Liv has recently called for airbrushing to be banned, calling it "manipulated" photography.

She said: "I know what people look like, and I see what pictures look like before they're airbrushed, my own and those of my friends and every image is so manipulated.

"They'll take a hair off your arm and get rid of a pore or a freckle on your face."

The 'Armageddon' star also said she finds physical imperfections "beautiful".

She said: "Personally, I find imperfections and flaws charming and beautiful. I like it that all people don't look the same".