Actress Liv Tyler spent a day tied to a chair with a ball gag in her mouth filming her new movie - and liked it.
The Armageddon star insisted on being there for co-star Patrick Wilson, who plays her religious fanatic husband in The Ledge, and enjoyed the experience of just watching the film getting made around her.
She tells WENN, "There was quite a hard day because this whole production was a very small budget and we didn't have many days. The subject matter was quite intense and dense and quite tricky to navigate. That day was hard because we only had a couple of hours to shoot that scene in a hotel room on location.
"They didn't get to my close-up until they found out we were getting kicked out of the hotel and had to pull the plug, so I had about, probably, two minutes for it, so I was really crying with rage and anger because I wanted to kill (director) Matthew Chapman.
"I'd been there all day in this chair with this gag in my mouth and really tied to the chair for Patrick. That said, I kind of liked it. Is that weird? Not in a sexual way!
"Obviously when you're acting the more real something can be and the more in the moment you can be, the better."