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The Little Willies
The Little Willies
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Little Willies The Little Willies Album

Multi Grammy Award Winner Norah Jones (daughter of legendary Indian performer Ravi Shankar), has teamed up with a number of her friends and fellow musicians to record a number of classic country covers under the name of 'The Little Willies'.

Originally formed in 2003 for a one off concert, the band got such a rave reception that they decided to - schedules permitting - do it some more! Following that inception 3 years ago, the band soon became friends, based on their love for classic American music and mainly the works of Willie Nelson, Kris Kristoferson and Hank Williams.

Jones has undoubtedly, one of the most distinct and beautifully soothing voices in Jazz music today, and the group of her peers play excellent support to her, but this album is still just a collection of mainly country covers. I am sure everyone at Radio 2 will be rubbing their hands together looking forward to adding it to the play list, but the majority of us won't be rushing out to purchase.

That being said, they do offer a few of their own creations and the best of these is clearly "Lou Reed", an amusing song which ponders about what it would have been like had the former Velvet Underground front man been out in the south Cow Tipping (one for the download collection of joke songs to play to your friends!).

All in all, a well crafted and laid back affair and whilst I'm not raving, I'm sure Wogan, Bruce et al will be climbing up the rafters to get a copy.

Elliott Bambrough

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