Little Mix discussed their new single 'DNA', finding time to wash their hair and their feelings surrounding the doubt for their success on the eighth series of UK show 'The X Factor' in an interview with The Guardian today (November 22nd 2012).

Following their spectacular win on the talent show last year, the girl group's schedule has been hectic barely leaving them time to work out at the gym or even get ready for TV interviews. 'Our schedule is that busy that I actually need to check it to find spaces where I can wash my hair', said Perrie, before Jesy added: 'It's much harder because we're four girls. It takes time to do all the hair and makeup. If we do 'Daybreak' we have to get up at, like, 2am. It's ridiculous.' It must indeed take a lot of time and effort to look that good, but it's definitely worth it as they never fail to turn heads in their ever colourful ensembles inspired by '90s teen show 'Saved By The Bell' which Perrie admitted she was 'addicted to'. 

It certainly makes a nice change from when they failed to make much of an impression in the first week of 'The X Factor' where they were widely dubbed as favourites to be sent home which Leigh-Anne admits made them 'feel really bad'. 'On our first week on 'X Factor' the paps waiting outside to shoot us were all shouting, 'See you on 'This Morning' on Monday' because that's where the losers go', Jesy recalled. 'I was like: 'Oh, right, thanks!'' She also added that her mother's partner put a £500 bet down for the band to win and winded up win a massive £10,000 due to the low odds of them coming first. They are certainly not doubted anymore with two number one singles under their belt and their highly-anticipated debut album 'DNA' out now following the release of the title-track single which they describe as a 'love song' with a 'scientific idea' behind it.