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Little Man Tate About What You Know Album

Little Man Tate have enjoyed coming through the ranks and gaining some of the limelight that has shone through from the success of The Kooks and Arctic Monkeys. They are now on a mission to steal all of the limelight for the year of 2007.

There is something about this album and, who they are actually aiming their music at? Little Man Tate seem to be the band that are the transition stage where kids move from the likes of Mcfly aged 14-15, then it's Little Man Tate aged 16-17. Man I Hate Your band is probably one of the better songs on the album. In a haste This Must Be Love have lyrics that make you cringe like "You weren't the first girl that ever kissed with tongues, but you were the best you let me touch your chest cause I saved you twos on my last cigarette" Boff, spew what is that all about? The album just seems to be full of this and halfway through you just loose interest. Instead you find that you are actually concentrating on anything but listening to this. It is sad really but the bloke writing this review is not sixteen and although it does not appeal to him at the ripe old age of. he can see that it would appeal to someone in their later teens. The best way to describe Little Man Tate is a watered (very watered) down Arctic Monkeys, they own some good tunes, but don't back it up with the lyrics just like the likes of Alex Turner.

This is a band that have been given a lot of attention and media hype and in the very words of Flava Flav "Don't, don't, don't believe the hype". This band are not really as good as the hype suggests, but there will be a certain fanbase that will adore these guys, I am just not one of those and there will be a lot of people in the same boat. I just hope that these are not going to be one of those annoying bands such as Busted and McFly.

Mark Moore

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