Review of What? What You Got Single by Little Man Tate

Little Man Tate
What? What You Got
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Little Man Tate What? What You Got Single

Yep, once one band is doing well then they all come out of the woodwork claiming that they are the next best thing. The art is to figure out the s**t from the actual good band, cause lets face it you're always waiting for a few years before the next best thing comes along.

Little Man Tate are a four-piece from that city that's back on the map ever since The Full Monty hit the cinemas. SHEFFIELD! Obviously, the Arctic Monkeys made their debut earlier this year and Sheffield is firmly back on the map. For those people who are of my age group, which I will not be letting slip, this single brings me back to the so-called Britpop style music. This has another level to it, so look out for the boys between 'What? What You Got', cause from this, my first taster from four-piece Little Man Tate, they actually fall in to the good band category.

Mark Moore

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