Review of Wonderful Single by Little Fish

It has been a little while since Little Fish's first album; Baffled and Beat swaggered on to the scene in all its post-grunge, indie glory, featuring songs with such confidence and a sense of twisted fun like Am I Crazy, You, Me and the TV and Whiplash. For a debut album, it was a promising document of a band experimenting with styles, but there was definite room for improvement. And although Baffled and Beat did experiment, to a degree, with different genres, it was sometimes confused and messy, and only very rarely hinted that this band would ever embrace the laid back, sunshine pop sensibilities of this new single: Wonderful.

Little Fish Wonderful Single

Sure, Wonderful is still rock music, just drenched in organ sounds and much more relaxed than anything on the debut album. Juju's vocals are still confident and impressive, calling to mind Janis Joplin or even Steven Tyler. You can hear the passion and love for making music that this band has with her trying by hook or by crook to cram in as many words as possible into the chorus.

None of this is to say that Little Fish were not passionate or did not play tunes before - Baffled and Beat also had a melodic streak a mile wide running through its core. It is just that on Wonderful, the melody becomes the main focus of the song. This is the sound of a band who had all the right qualities you want to see in a rock band - passion, talent, charisma, and charm - finally working out the sound they want to make and letting everything fall effortlessly in to place. On this evidence, album number two should be a treat.

Ben Walton

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