Review of Their Way Single by Littlans

Littl'ans feat Pete Doherty
Their Way
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Littlans Their Way Single

The public seem to wait with bated breath to see what the performing monkey that is mr Kate Moss himself will do next, whether it be musically or publically. Pete has collaborated with the virtually unknown littl'ans for this their debut single. No matter how much I try to loathe Pete I have to admit he never disappoints with his musical ability and this is no exception. This is a must for all Pete, Babyshambles & Libertines fans.

The Littl'ans have just finished supporting Babyshambles on their tour, which will no doubt increase their popularity and chances of a hit with this single. The only problem is knowing who to give the credit to for this one, the band or Mr. D? I'm not sure it would be as convincing with another male vocalist and you would not be mistaken to think it was a Babyshambles release. It will be interesting to watch the progress of the littl'ans and watch what route down the musical highway they take, all in all though not a debut bad single!!

Joanne Nugent

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