Rocker Lita Ford was wary of initiating a meeting with Joan Jett - as she feared her ex-The Runaways bandmate would snub her.
The pair has not spoken for years, but Ford recently reached out to Jett to patch up their differences, and she was delighted when her former pal agreed to have dinner with her in New York City.
Ford tells the Chicago Tribune, "I hadn't seen her (for) so long. We exchanged guitar picks. I just thought it was about time to see her.
"I reached out to her, and she reached back to me, so it was meant to be. She could have told me, 'Ah, go stick your head in the toilet,' but she didn't. It was great. I told her in the email, 'If you want, you can tell me to (expletive) off. It's fine, but I would really love to see you.' She was a sweetheart."