Lisa Mitchell (born 22.3.1990) Lisa Mitchell is a singer-songwriter from Australia. When her debut EP, 'Said One To The Other' became a success, topping the Australian iTunes chart, she signed a deal with RCA in the UK and moved to England to work on a debut album.

Childhood: Lisa Mitchell was born in England but grew up in Australia with her sister Nicola and parents Angus and Ruth. Lisa was raised in Albury, New South Wales.

She began taking guitar lessons when she was 12 years old and showed an interest in folk and rock music from an early age. She performed in cafés and at events, either on her own or with a covers band named Chrome. She took her inspiration from artists such as Clare Bowditch and Missy Higgins.

In the Public Eye: At the age of 16, Lisa Mitchell entered the Australian Idol TV talent contest. She came sixth in the competition, and was pleased that the show provided her with a platform to show her talent to a TV audience. As a result of her appearance on the show, Lisa now shares a management company with Operator Please and Evermore.

In April 2007, Lisa Mitchell performed at an event in New South Wales, alongside The Lees, of which her fellow Australian Idol contestant, Raechel Lee is a member. She performed 8 of her own songs onstage, as part of National Youth Week. She then joined The Lees onstage and they all played her songs 'See It In Your Eyes' and 'Alice' as well as a cover of 'Diamonds on The Inside', which was originally written by Ben Harper.

Lisa Mitchell has performed a number of gigs that were broadcast on her MySpace page. It has been reported that over 10,000 MySpace users witnessed her first broadcast.

In August 2007, Lisa's debut EP, 'Said One To The Other' was released. In preparation for the record's release, she toured with a number of acts, such as Evermore, Bob Evans and Old Man River. One song from the EP, 'Incomplete Lullaby' was used to soundtrack the Australian TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

Mitchell has collaborated with a number of established artists for her debut album, including Ed Harcourt, Ben Lee and Clare Bowditch. The track 'Neapolitan Dreams' was released in the UK in January 2009 and was featured on the soundtrack to Packed to the Rafters.

'Welcome to the Rafters', Mitchell's second EP, was released in May 2008. The track 'Neapolitan Dreams' was released in the UK in January 2009 and was featured on the soundtrack to Packed to the Rafters. It was also used in a Surf washing powder advert as well as a 3 Mobile advert.

Mitchell's debut album The Attic Space is set to be released in 2009.

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