Singer Lisa-Marie Presley has opened up about her sex life - admitting she likes steamy, raunchy romps.

Speaking to America's Playboy magazine, the 35-year-old daughter of ELVIS says she likes sex to be rough: "the way they do it in porn movies".

But Presley, whose debut CD TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN has been a huge hit in the States, adds, "I think I'd be much better as a lesbian."

Of her 20-month marriage to pop superstar Michael Jackson, who she wed in 1994, Presley says, "He's not sexually seductive, but there is something riveting about him. He doesn't let people see who he is."

She continues, "When he (did) ... I got caught up and thought I was in love with the man." Presley also stated that she had never seen Jackson in bed with a child.

Of her 107-day marriage to Nicolas Cage, Presley says she "hated" him after "he had a temper tantrum (and) walked out the door. ... It was just a rampage."

She confirms that Cage took her 6-carat yellow diamond ring "and threw it into the water. ... Nic replaced it two days later with a 10-carat yellow diamond."

And even though they're in the middle of a divorce, she adds, they still have friendly chats on the phone.

26/05/2003 16:54